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Researcher in Computer Science at SnT, Luxembourg

I’m currently an academic, working at the SnT Centre in Luxembourg. Before that, I got my PhD at CERN in 2021 (with the University of Manchester, in the UK).

At SnT, I lead research activities at SnT on Runtime Verification, as part of the COSMOS Horizon 2020 project. This involves performing my own fundamental research (which involves extending my PhD), working on multiple tools, managing the development of other tools, and working with companies across Europe to apply our research on Runtime Verification to their use cases.

You can reach me at joshua dot dawes at

My PhD

I was awarded my PhD in 2021 by the University of Manchester in the UK. I spent the entirety of my PhD at the CMS Experiment at CERN in Geneva.

My focus was on Runtime Verification for the performance analysis of web services. I introduced the CFTL specification language, and led a small team to develop an ecosystem of tools that is released as the VyPR Project.

You can find my thesis on CERN’s document repository.

What I’ve published

Additional Talks

At various times I’ve given talks about various aspects of my work, separately from publications. Here’s a list:

Student Supervision